We all live under one sky and have equal rights “Planet 27” means that we want to see our planet as the place where there are no social, national and religious conflicts. This is a new “planet”, where people have a happy childhood. A family, a healthy lifestyle — these things are so important for human beings’ development. We have several directions to follow, with which we are going to reach our goal of making our world better. Education: We do stuff connected with youth (included disabled people) and their education. Ecology: Ecology is the thing we pay a lot of attention on, as well.

27 is considered to be a magical number. Interesting facts about “27”: Astrology: Uranus has 27 moons There are 27 spheres in the universe model made by Eudoxus 27% of Earth is covered with forests 27 contains decimal digits 2 and 7 and this number is the result of addition integer numbers from 2 to 7 (2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 27) 27 is the only positive integer number that is 3 times bigger than the sum of its digits. The number of letters in the Spanish alphabet is 27. 27 — the total number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet 27 — the number of bones in the human hand Religion: 27- the number of books in the New Testament. There are 27 letters in Kabbalah, corresponding to 27 channels of communication with God and 27 combinations of the names of God, 13 explicit and 14 secret 27 – the highest level of the illusory world (rupaloke) in Buddhism Sport: The number of outs in a regular baseball game for each team at all levels is 27