Narva Lapsed

Narva Lapsed

As our organization is quite young, our action on the “Planet 27” -frame is at an early stage. We are bloggers on Facebook – the project “Narva Children”.

The goal of the blogg created was to merge not all the people into a community that could discuss and support different initiatives through support for identified children who need help with the problems and issues addressed.

In the framework of the project “Narva Children”, a donation was organized for Narva-Jõesuu SOS Children’s Village. The goal was to carry out repairs for children with limited facilities.

We conducted a public inquiry into the necessity of installing swings in our city for children with limited possibilities

We also have a cooperation experience with the Road Administration and Narva Traffic Police. As a result of this, we made a series of films devoted to road safety. The idea of ​​the project is to focus society on the issue of road safety for drivers and pedestrians