100 PHOTOS: What are people saying? Part 1

Jaanus Saat: If we don’t care about nature, then we don’t care about anything. If you love yourself, then you should also love nature.

Espen Wensaas: I agreed to participate in this project because I think the topic is an important one.

100 photos: What are people saying?

Some people living on Earth do not pay sufficient attention to the consequences of humanity’s influence on nature.

The mountains of debris grow and pollute our planet. This worsens life on Earth and worsens the living prospects for future generations.

At the NGO Planet27 we had the idea to do a social project aiming to attract people to rethink their habits and beliefs in unusual ways.

The topic of our project is ecology.

To increase public interest in the project and attract more people, we have also included such universal themes as respect for other people, compassion, animal protection, and human self-development.

Representatives from 30 countries have already participated in the project (including more than 90 people):

Estonia, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kenya.

Different people from different countries are involved in our photo project, some of whom are famous in their region or country.

They include ministers, lawyers, professors, teachers, musicians, composers, historians, artists, politicians, engineers, students, pupils and others.

We will soon be ready to present our work.

We are invite people to take part in our project and contribute to the development of the movement to cultivate a more caring attitude toward nature.

What is required to participate first part of project?

  1. We was sending for  participants a photo or link.
  2. The participant choose a photo. 

The aim is to come up with a phrase in the form of an adage for the photo. There are obviously a variety of different photos with an ecological theme, but our participants have turned them into messages.

The phrase should somehow resonate with the image or elements in the photo, but it should also reflect the topic of the project and implicitly or explicitly motivate viewers to take action.

The phrase can be a philosophical thought, or maybe an expression with humor in it. The task is to analyze a photo and think of a title that spurs deep thoughts in viewers.

The outcome of this project will be a photo exhibition (organized by Narva Museum and Cetral Libriary of Narva), a photo booklet and a website (with associated Facebook and Instagram accounts) where all the photos will be presented.

Moreover, we plan to expand the project globally.

Now we are prepare second part of project. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Email: info@planet27.eu


Some participants of first part of project :

Tauno Kangro – sculptor, Estonia

Andres Anvelt – minister, Estonia

Agostinho Magalhães – actor, Portugal 

Kristoffer Hellén – historian, USA

Midhat Fetahagic – student, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ilgar Safat –  director, Azerbaijan

Giannis Gardiklis – music producer, Greece

Simona Molari – clown, Italy

Denis Morel – educator, France

Mihhail Kolontay – proffesor, Russia

Espen Wensaas– musican and composer, Norway

Enikő Tolnai-Pálóczy – art historian, Hungary

Max Yakubovich – agile coach, Belarus

Ucha Iakobidze – wine producer, Georgia

Leonie Johnson – happy grandmother, Australia

Gedeminas Simutis – personal trainer, Lithuania

Anna Komar – volunteer, Ukraine

Dănuț Stanciu – environment engineer, Romania

Murat Abenov – politican, Kazakhstan

Anas Haouat – project manager, Sweden

Bengu Akkaya  educator, Turkey

Paulina Sawczuk – architect, Poland

Nikola Zhivkov – youth expert, Bulgaria

Katrin Germonprez – sport scientist, Germany

Chris Jones – engineer, Great Britain

Oksana Reznichenko – journalist, Latvia

Tom Main – composer, New Zealand

Sophie Rayan – farmer, Kenya

Tomoe Shimizu – DJ and musician, Japan





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