Paintball for people with disabilities? Why not?

“Do never give up, set goals and reach your goals!”

 Paintball for people with disabilities? Why not?

On the 27th of June, 12 people played paintball near the town of Narva-Jõesuu. This game was organised within the framework of the project funded by the Erasmus Plus program. The project was called “Sound of Culture” and it took place in the middle of July in Rustavi, Georgia. 

3 of the players were disabled. One young man was on a wheelchair and 2 players were blind. Despite these facts, everyone enjoyed playing. At about 7 pm a group had arrived at the place of the game and got dressed in special clothes. Players received instructions about how to play and were ready to start. Everyone helped each other during the game. Guys with disabilities played by the same rules as their teammates. At first, it was hard to play so everyone would be involved equally. But soon every player found an approach to playing and then fun began. The whole playing process lasted an hour. Everyone was joyful after all. Then a group had brunch and was ready to go home. Participants managed to discuss a lot of interesting topics from a healthy lifestyle to the future of Estonia before leaving the field of battle.

Learn and draw inspiration from others. Do never give up, set goals and reach your goals! Your future is your decisions that you make every day! 

Artjom Jefimov.  Planet27 

JULY 5, 2018