Paintball for people with disability? Why not?

“Do never give up, set goals and reach your goals!”

Artjom Jefimov: Paintball for people with disability? Why not?

On the 27th of June within the framework of the project founded by the Erasmus Plus program called “Sound of Culture”, which takes place in the middle of July in Rustavi, Georgia a stunning team of 12 lucky people had a chance to play paintball near the town Narva-Jõesuu.

It must be taken into account that 3 of participants were people with disabilities, one young fellow is able to move only with a wheelchair and 2 of them are blind. But these obstacles didn’t make us enjoy the process of playing. At about 7 pm we arrived at the place of the game, than got dressed the special clothes and right away received instructions about how to play. While the game was going, everybody was helping others. Guys with disabilities were playing by the same rules, as well as other teammates. At first it was hard to make a great game, where everyone would be involved equally, but after 2-3 plays, every player already found oneself and understood how to play in his or her own the most convenient way. After about an hour of playing we finished. Everyone was joyful and sunshiny. Than we all together had a lunch. During it we managed to discuss a lot of interesting topics from a healthy lifestyle to future of Estonia. To sum up, it seems that in today’s fast moving and developing world everyone is able to fully live his or her life. Learn and draw inspiration from others and motivate others. Do never give up, set goals and reach your goals! Your future is your decisions that you make everyday!

Author: planet27